Industry Partners

Working in collaboration with NC State University, MUSC is committed to building relationships with local, regional and national companies to develop the academic talent that companies need to move their corporate mission forward.  While working with MUSC in the A2i program, industry partners will provide insight into the areas of career development that best prepare graduate students and postdoctoral trainees for the transition to industrial positions.  Industry partners will have the opportunity to get first access to potential new hires and work closely with MUSC College of Graduate Studies and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs to align content with corporate training needs.  Through this A2i program industry participants will gain access to the best and brightest graduate students and postdoctoral trainees and be able to promote career development skills that serve a corporation’s needs.

photo of Erin Ford 

Erin Ford

As Executive Vice President of SCBIO—South Carolina’s official life sciences organization—ERIN FORD works on corporate strategies emanating from the organization’s three statewide offices, its board, and hundreds of supporting members and investors. Her responsibilities include serving as primary lead for SCBIO’s business operations and finances, championing investor relations and existing industry strategies, and spearheading integrated marketing initiatives. She previously served as sales and marketing executive at Poly-Med, during which she served on the SCBIO Board of Directors, and was a business recruitment officer at the Upstate SC Alliance, where she was the main point of contact for life sciences companies interested in expanding or locating in Upstate South Carolina.

Photo of Josh Henkin 

Josh Henkin

After years mentoring STEM job seekers, in 2014 JOSH HENKIN founded STEM Career Services, a career coaching company aimed at helping STEM graduates start and sustain careers outside of academia. Josh speaks and conducts workshops at conferences, universities, and institutes across the country and provides career coaching to STEM graduates at all career levels. Concurrent with his work at STEM Career Services, Henkin is a Senior Program and Portfolio Manager with Tunnell Consulting, a science and technology consulting company. He provides a technical and programmatic support to the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority and Department of Defense vaccine and therapeutic development programs. Currently, Henkin is working on COVID-19 vaccine development under Operation Warp Speed.

Photo of Andrew Collins 

Andrew Collins

For more than 15 years, ANDREW COLLINS has been an influential leader within the Human Resources field. He is a graduate of the Citadel, where he majored in psychology and developed his passion for helping others achieve their goals. He has experience in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, commercial construction, and nuclear power. He has developed expertise in organizational development,leadership development, culture and team building,talent acquisition, and many other areas of HR. When he isn’t doing what he loves at work, he is with his wife and two boys at home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Photo of Jeff Steer 

Jeff Steer

JEFF STEER is a Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at Waters Corporation,a leading analytical instrumentation and technologies manufacturer. There, he guides scientific talent into industrial careers ranging from applications to product management, sales, service, and other roles. Steer has represented Waters at five American Society for Mass Spectrometry conferences, where he had job search discussions with students interested in transitioning into industry while brokering networking discussions with managers at Waters. Steer earned a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University and is working towards his MBA from Boston University.

Photo of Aurelie Marcotte 

Aurelie Marcotte

AURELIE MARCOTTE is a Mass Spectrometry Sales Specialist for Waters Corporation. After earning her BA in chemistry from Wheaton College in Massachusetts and her PhD in Chemistry from Arizona State University, Marcotte completed her postdoctoral training at Yale University and the US Environmental Protection Agency in North Carolina.Her doctoral and postdoctoral research focused on the application of mass spectrometry to study environmental contaminants and understand the impact on human health. At Waters, Marcotte works to make sure scientists utilizing Waters mass spectrometry systems are successful in a wide variety of applications. In addition to her passion for science and research, Aurelie is enthusiastic about STEM education and mentoring.

Photo of Thomas Smith 

Thomas G. Smith

In the Center for Academic Excellence and Writing Center at MUSC, THOMAS G.SMITH teaches students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff how to improve their writing skills and develop as lifelong learners. He has worked as a science writing teacher and learning specialist since 1992, and was appointed to the MUSC faculty in 1999. He trained at Duke University and the University of South Carolina, which awarded him a PhD in English. Smith’s doctoral work focused on the ways that editors shape the writing and careers of writers, but his training focused on using writing to develop critical thinking and promote learning. Most of his current research focuses on writing and learning in health care settings; he has also published and presented internationally in the area of interprofessional education. He has engaged in numerous collaborations with health science research across disciplines. An active university citizen since his appointment in 1999, Smith is Chair of the Academic Affairs Faculty.

Photo of Padmini Jayaraman 

Padmini Jayaraman

A highly skilled cellular and molecular cancer immunologist, PADMINI JAYARAMAN has thirteen years of training in basic and clinical immunology with a strong focus in targeted immunotherapy of cancer. Jayaraman earned her MS and PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of Louisville, then completed her postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania.She’s now the Associate Director of Business Development at Heat Biologics, working on target development and evaluating new technologies.

Photo of Saeed Khan 

Saeed Khan

SAEED KHAN is President of Research and Development at Vikor Scientific and KOR Life Sciences in Charleston. Vikor Scientific’s vision is to capitalize on our scientific expertise to address acute and chronic illnesses in a meaningful way to create new therapies, biomarkers, and diagnostic tools are available to remedy human disease suffering around the world. Previously, Khan was a senior scientist of the shelf-life extension program at the FDA. He completed his PhD in biomedical sciences, postdoctoral fellowship, and research fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Currently, he is an Adjunct Professor of Oncology at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Affiliate at Biomedical Science and Drug Discovery at MUSC.