Contact The College of Graduate Studies


Paula Traktman

Paula Traktman, Ph.D.

Dean of the College of Graduate Studies
Telephone: 843-876-2402

Cynthia Wright

Cynthia F. Wright, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Admissions and Career Development
Telephone: 843-876-2403

Dr Hal May

Harold May, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs
Telephone: 843-876-2404

Nancy DeMore

Nancy Demore, M.D., FACS

Director, Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)
Telephone: 843-876-0179

Amy Connolly

Amy Connolly

Assistant Director, MSTP and Assistant to the Dean
Telephone: 843-876-2405

Maritza Dawkins Hones

Maritza Dawkins Holnes

Program Coordinator, MSCR and MSMS
Telephone: 843-876-2216

Picture of Shelly Drake

Shelly Drake

Program Coordinator
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Graduate Admissions

Carla Gadson

Carla R. Gadson, M.Ed.

Fiscal Analyst III
Director of Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Sue Hennigan

Sue Hennigan, Ph.D.

Assistant Director IMSD/PREP/MCBP
Telephone: 843-876-2286

Melendia Roseboro

Melendia Roseboro, MBA

Business/Administrative Manager

Grace Milauskas

Grace Milauskas

Communications & Marketing Coordinator

Keisha Vaughn

Keisha Vaughn

Student Services Program Coordinator, First Year Core Curriculum
Telephone: 843-876-2411

Dodie Weise

Dodie Weise

Student Services Manager, Registration, Student Records and Graduation
Telephone: 843-876-2410

Connor West

Connor West, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Graduate Education