T32 Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Grant

Research at the Medical University of South Carolina has rapidly developed over the past 25 years and cardiovascular biology has been a major focus of resource commitment. For FY2011 MUSC investigators received more than $12.7 million of research funding from the NHLBI alone. Since the beginning of this training program in 1977, there has been and continues to be a strong emphasis on the molecular and structural aspects of the entities involved in cellular dysfunction in cardiovascular disease. MUSC provides an exciting environment for creative, committed investigators and trainees interested in cardiovascular function in health and disease.

Donald Menick  
Program Director Dr. Donald Menick

Postdoctoral and predoctoral positions are supported by the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood training grant "Training to Improve Cardiovascular Therapies". Our objective is the training of promising new scientists with backgrounds in physical, chemical and biomedical sciences in mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and the experimental strategies and technologies necessary for the development of novel molecular therapeutics targeting these diseases. Our aim is to produce outstanding investigators with broad insight into cardiovascular biology and dysfunction capable of making significant contributions to cardiovascular research.

Faculty in the training program come from five broad research areas:

  • Molecular basis of cardiovascular development
  • Mechanisms of cardiovascular development
  • Cardiac stem cells and regenerative medicine and bioengineering
  • Cell signaling
  • Proteomics

Our faculty is highly interactive in both predoctoral and postdoctoral training, and our postdoctoral students benefit in many ways from an organized graduate program in cardiovascular biology.