Graduate Courses

Capstone Senior Design Projects at MUSC

Senior Bioengineering Students team together with Faculty Members and MUSC Clinical Collaborators to develop new technology to specifically address existing clinical needs. This program seeks to give the students clinical exposure and evaluation skills that enable the development of devices with the goal of commercialization of products.

2017-2018 Academic Year

Project: "Melanoma Imaging and Detection System"
Team Members: Andrew D. Costa, Zachary P. Girvin, Samuel P. Reinert, Peyton A Tharp
Clinical Collaborator: Dr. Fernando Herrera, MUSC Plastic Surgery
Faculty Mentors: Sarah Harcum, Ph.D.; Ann Foley, Ph.D.

Project: "Profile Surgical Drain Attachment"
Team Members: Jewell Smolenski, Hannah Gore, Carson Brewer, Mia Warner, Alex Harrison
Clinical Collaborator: Dr. Lance Tavana, MUSC Plastic Surgery
Faculty Mentor: Bob Latour, Ph.D.

Project: "Rib Fracture Fixation System"
Team Members: Elizabeth Marrs, Grace White, Torie Straga, Jason Smiddy, Sarah Hurlbert
Clinical Collaborators: Michael Yost, Ph.D., Stephen Fann, MD, MUSC Department of Surgery; Charles Raudat, MD, Johnson City Medical Center, Cardiovascular Surgery
Faculty Mentors: Melinda Harman, Ph.D.; Bob Latour, Ph.D., Lisa Benson, Ph.D. and Alexy Vertegel, Ph.D.

Project: "Leg Surgery Tourniquet"
Team Members: Charles Pickens, Jonathan Lopiano, David Baxley, Michael Maggio, Warner Roberts
Clinical Collaborator: Dr. Christopher Gross, MUSC Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery
Faculty Mentor: Naren Vyavahare, Ph.D.

Project: "Integrated traction boot and sequential compression device designed to prevent DVT during THR surgeries"
Team Members: Linda Thomas, Jordan Byrne, Amanda David, Sarah Parish, Daniel Scanlon
Clinical Collaborator: Dr. Zeke Walton, MUSC, Orthopaedic Surgery
Faculty Mentor: Hai Yao, Ph.D.

Project: "Organ Transplant Drug Delivery Device"
Team Members: Lucas J. Tatem, Alexander M. Ormerod, William B. Scammon
Clinical Collaborators: Satish Nadig, MD, Ph.D., MUSC Transplant Surgery and Dr. Carl Atkinson, MUSC Microbiology and Immunology
Faculty Mentors: Aggie Simionescu, Ph.D., Angela Alexander-Bryant, Ph.D.