Alexa Corker (left) and Lily Neff (right) are the co-directors for SC-PEAR.

SC-PEAR (South Carolina - Policy, Engagement, Advocacy, and Research) is a graduate student-led organization at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Our primary aims are to foster the development of graduate student interest in science policy careers, engage with the Charleston community about issues existing at the intersection between science and policy, and advocate for science-based policies in our community.

Podcast Coming Soon: "Bench side Chats with MUSC Students"

We are developing a new biweekly podcast series called "Benchside Chats with MUSC Students." Every other week we will feature the research of a different graduate student. Our goal is to instill the importance of science and pique our viewers' interest in pursuing research as a possible career. Not only will our podcast speakers talk about their research in a lay-friendly way, but we will also have them discuss why they choose their career path (i.e., graduate school, medical school, etcetera) and the difficulties they have overcome to get where they are.