Abstract Submission Instructions

Abstract submission deadline - September 8, 2023, at 11:59 pm

Submit abstracts here. 

Please read these instructions carefully.

You may want to print off a copy of these instructions to use as a reference while you complete the instructions below.

Much of the instructions are explained on the Abstract Submission page.
Below are some additional clarifications of those instructions.


To participate in Research Day, you must either:

  1. Be a student, postdoc, resident, fellow, staff scientist, or research specialist registered or employed at MUSC on November 3rd, 2023, and have performed research sometime during the year prior to November 3rd.
  2. Be a student (or postdoc, resident, fellow, etc.) registered elsewhere on November 1st who has performed research at MUSC sometime during the previous year
  3. Have worked with a faculty member of MUSC during the previous year

Presenting authors may submit one abstract only.


The abstract submission deadline is September 8, 2023, at 11:59 pm.

Funding Sources

Be brief in listing funding sources for your project. Use abbreviations if possible.


In selecting a category, you are selecting your status at MUSC or your home institution (for example, if you were here for any summer research programs and are not enrolled at MUSC). Select the category which applies to you. Your selection will be the basis for determining which session you will participate. If you are in the undergraduate, clinical professional, or Master's categories, select the type of project: Basic Science or Social/Behavioral Science. For a Ph.D., choose whether you are in your first two years of graduate work, in your third year, or beyond. If you are unsure what section you should be in, select "uncertain," and the Research Day Committee will determine which session you will participate. Or, contact Dr. Matt Greseth.


Select the year that applies to when you started your current program at MUSC.

Title of Abstract

Enter the title of your abstract in Title Case (i.e., DO NOT USE all caps) into the box provided. Note: your title will be truncated if it exceeds the 200-character limit. Note: special characters (e.g., Greek symbols) will not paste correctly, so it's best to spell them out (e.g., alpha, beta, etc.).


Your abstract will be truncated if it is over the 300-word limit. Also, note that special characters (e.g., Greek symbols) will not paste correctly, so it's best to spell them out (e.g., alpha, beta, etc.).

The information contained in your abstract should include an introduction/rationale, methods, results, and conclusions. Cut and paste your abstract from a word processing file. You can also type directly into the text box, but pasting is easier.

If pasting into the text box - suggestion: Copy and paste from a Word document. Use Arial font, 10- or 12-point. If typing into the text box: DO NOT USE CARRIAGE RETURNS IN YOUR TEXT, NOR HYPHENS TO BREAK WORDS AT THE END OF LINES - ALLOW THE TEXT TO SCROLL AROUND AUTOMATICALLY TO EACH NEW LINE AS YOU TYPE. The information you have entered will go into a set of files on our server and will be compiled into the Research Day 2022 program - the text of your abstract, when it appears on the web page or in hard copy, will approximately conform to the same margin limits that you originally used to type the text on your word processor.

Do not include tables or graphs in your abstract. Abstracts of published papers do not contain tables or graphs; abstracts submitted to major national meetings electronically do not allow tables or graphs.

Special Awards Section

Please make sure you qualify for the special awards before selecting to be considered. Note that if you select “Yes,” some of these categories require an explanation for how you feel your abstract qualifies for the award.

Check your preference for method of delivery - no preference, oral (PowerPoint) or poster. The Committee will make every effort to assign your presentation according to your preference; however, this may not be possible in every case. The Research Day Committee reserves the right to assign a presentation to an alternate session.


Review your form, upload a copy of your abstract, and then submit using the "Submit" button at the end of the form.

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