MUSC Research Day

Research Day 2019

Research Day 2022
Friday, November 4, 2022 | 8 am- 6 pm 

Each year, on the first Friday in November, MUSC holds its annual Perry V. Halushka Research Day (RD). Research Day functions as a showcase for the wealth of research being conducted at MUSC and is the day the University truly celebrates its research mission.

Research Day is a great opportunity to practice presentation skills and receive constructive criticism. Awards are also given in special categories, including interprofessional Research, John Vournakis Innovation, Ralph H Johnson VA Medical Center, Center on Aging, Health Humanities and Sigma Xi. New this year is the Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles(TACHL) award.

View the schedule and locations here.

View the 2022 Research Day booklet here (accessible with NetID).

Overview of Research Day Awards:

TACHL Award - Innovative Strategies to Improve Health Equity or Access to Care
Sponsored by Technology Applications Center for Healthful Lifestyles (TACHL)
$200 First Prize Poster
$100 Second Prize Poster
$200 First Prize Oral
$100 Second Prize Oral

To be considered for this award, presentation or abstracts should include one of the following areas:

  • Strategies to improve access to care utilizing novel technological methodology.
  • Intervention or policy development across the healthcare system or community which aim to reduce or eliminate health inequities.
  • Innovation in mHealth, telehealth, or other technology to improve access to healthcare.
  • Strategies to improve recruitment and retention of minority research participants
  • Aims focused upon health equity, health disparities, and the social determinants of health using technology.

Sigma Xi Award

Sigma Xi will sponsor an award for best presentation between all qualified oral and poster submissions. The award will consist of a $100.00 cash prize and dues for a one-year membership in Sigma Xi. Eligibility criteria are that either the student or the mentor must be an active member of Sigma Xi.

Interprofessional Award

  1. A high quality research study with an accompanying excellent visual and oral presentation
  2. At least two investigators are from different colleges or professions or one investigator is from one college and the faculty advisor from another college
  3. A brief description of the contributions made by each member of the research team to the conduct of the research project
  4. The interprofessional collaboration has enhanced the project in clear and identifiable ways
  5. Identification by selecting "Yes" in the above box relating to interprofessional research.

During your presentation, you must explicitly address how your project meets criteria #2, #3, and #4 above.

The John Vournakis Innovation Award

To be considered for this award, presentations must:

  1. have the potential for development of intellectual property/patentable
  2. have commercial potential
  3. have high scientific merit
  4. be innovative.

To be considered eligible for this category, all four criteria need to be met.

Health Humanities Award

  1. Project aims to foster skills in critical thinking, analysis, observation, reflection, or communication among health science students through an arts/humanities educational intervention.
  2. Project aims to improve patient experiences and/or outcomes or to promote resiliency among health care providers through an arts/humanities intervention.

Alleviating Disparities in Healthcare Award

This poster award will recognize work focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and health disparities at MUSC.

The project should tackle at least one of the following research areas:

  • Research aiming to reduce health disparities across ethnic, racial and/or underserved groups
  • Identifying disease states whereby health disparity is predominant
  • Development of treatment modalities providing effective therapies, irrespective of ethnic background
  • Strategies to encourage participation of minorities in national/international registries and/or ongoing studies

Excellence Beyond Boundaries Award

This award will recognize work focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and health disparities at MUSC. This award will acknowledge outstanding international participants, working on projects that demonstrate rigorous scientific approach. Any international researcher is eligible, noting that at least one of two awardees will be a graduate student.

Center on Aging Award

Basic and clinical research projects that focus on healthy aging or better understanding/treating aging related diseases and conditions will be considered for the Institute for Healthy Aging Award category. Please make it explicitly clear in the abstract how the research is related to aging. This award will be selected by a team of judges sponsored by the MUSC Institute for Healthy Aging.

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