Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

We serve to support and assist researchers during their postdoctoral training at MUSC, and our website aims to empower postdocs, faculty, and administrators through access to information.

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The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies created the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs in October 2005 to better address postdoctoral trainees' unique needs. The initial goals were revitalizing the dormant Postdoctoral Association, evaluating postdoctoral policies and resources, counseling postdoctoral scholars in career development, and serving as representation for MUSC postdoctoral training on the national level.


The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) consists of the Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs and the Program Coordinator for Postdoctoral Affairs. The Assistant Dean approves all postdoctoral appointments. All mentors must have Graduate Faculty status. Funding for the OPA comes from the College of Graduate Studies and supports workshops and activities of the MUSC Postdoctoral Association (PDA). The Assistant Dean advises postdocs on career development issues, approaches for resolving conflicts with their mentor, or any general professional or administrative problem.

Salary Verification Form

When working with the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs regarding Postdoctoral Trainee Salary, please complete the Salary Verification Form (PDF) and return it to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at

Postdoctoral Association

The MUSC PDA is here to provide support and a voice for the concerns of the Postdoctoral Trainee community at MUSC.

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MUSC Diversity Information

The College of Graduate Studies values the broadened perspectives, energy, and intellectual synergy that a diverse student population provides. We are committed to using the benefits gained from diversity to power discovery in the biomedical sciences.

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